Students attend BSC Expo 2024

21 March, 2024

Twenty aspiring filmmakers from Screen and Film School’s Birmingham, Brighton, and Manchester campuses embarked on a journey to the renowned BSC Expo in London earlier this year.

This prestigious event offered our students a unique opportunity to explore the latest advancements in cinematography, technology, and production.

The BSC Expo is a prominent fixture in the industry calendar. Alongside showcasing cutting-edge equipment from across the globe, the event hosts a series of enriching seminars, panels, and presentations by leading industry manufacturers and experts, including Panavision, CVP, Canon and ARRI.


Amid the bustling halls and innovative showcases, one of the event highlights was the enlightening  ‘Mentoring For The Future’ panel discussion, featuring our esteemed Manchester patron, Fabian Wagner.

Wagner, whose remarkable contributions to cinematography have earned him widespread acclaim, shed light on his groundbreaking initiative, First Steps Cinematography. Recently honoured with the prestigious BSC Special Achievement Award 2024, this initiative paves the way for individuals from underrepresented backgrounds to pursue careers in cinematography.

Alongside the First Steps initiative, Wagner’s commitment to mentoring is evident through his previous endeavours, including a £30,000 scholarship in his name at Screen and Film School Manchester and hosting exclusive workshops for our students. Through his tireless efforts, Wagner continues to inspire and empower the next generation of filmmakers, ensuring that the art of cinematography remains accessible to all.

Student experience

We caught up with Hope, a second-year Filmmaking student from Manchester, about her experience at the event. 

“Visiting an exhibition of this size was likely the first time many of us had encountered such high-end kit and technology at such close range.

“Hearing and reading about the latest new gadgets simply doesn’t compare to getting to be face to face with them up close; not only did this opportunity allow us to examine an array of lenses, camera bodies, lighting setups and vehicle rigs, but we were also encouraged to get our hands dirty.

“Everybody in the building was offered the chance to try their hand at operating kit designed for the most advanced moving pictures. And it was lovely because there was an air of patience in the room.

“The exhibitors eagerly answered our questions about their products; they were appreciative of our interest and unperturbed by our level of experience.

“I think it may have been easy to find myself (as a student filmmaker new to the industry) feeling slightly inferior standing in a room surrounded by big names and companies, and yet this wasn’t the case at all. Networking means the same for everybody and that was evident as I listened to a variety of company representatives showcase their products to us. The entire experience was so inspiring and solidified my desire to work within the camera department – there is a whole world out there full of equipment I haven’t come across that I am eager to explore.

“Community is, without a doubt, such an underlying value within the filmmaking industry. Attending networking events such as this one made it even clearer to me that, if you are an inspired creative looking to get a foot in the door, asking the questions you may feel unsure to ask or fear are silly is the only way to start making true progress. Everybody starts somewhere!”

As we reflect on the valuable knowledge gained and meaningful connections formed at this year’s Expo, we eagerly look forward to returning next year, ready to embrace the latest advancements in the industry and further our passion for the art of filmmaking.



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