Top-up students release 80’s genre-homage film: Future Cop 2

27 November, 2020

At Screen and Film School we love hearing about our student and graduate’s projects in all areas of the TV and Film Industry.

This week we caught up with Screen and Film School Brighton Top-Up students, Sophie Clennell and Anthony Wright, to discuss the making of their project, Future Cop 2, a genre-homage for the ’80s action film following a legendary super cop from the past, fighting to save the future from the unrelenting forces of evil.

Future Cop 2 is a passion project made with a love for sci-fi, cheesy buddy cop movies, and practical effects. Since the very beginning, the goal with the project is to improve and expand upon the first Future Cop film as much as possible. A collaborative effort by many passionate people, Future Cop 2 aims to please anyone with a love for classic sci-fi and action movies.

Future Cop 2

Happy release day for Future Cop 2! Where did the initial idea come from?

During Newcastle College, a small group of friends and I would create short comedic sketches to entertain ourselves and would pitch wacky projects for our foundation degree.  One year we created Future Cop. We had a lot of fun with that film, and we wanted to do it again but bigger the next year. So, we did. Our friends are a huge fan of the 80s action genre, films that are often purposely cheesy. I believe that’s where the inspiration comes from.

How did you approach the process?

After creating the first Future Cop, I screened the export in a local film club in Newcastle. After announcing a sequel to everyone, there were many talented people around who I thought could help. Simon Craig makes cool looking costumes and props, and I thought it would be cool to get him involved with the antagonist. Michelle was another actress who contacted us, and she contributed her voice to additional roles in the project.

Creating the exterior shots of the city with the spaceship miniatures was so fun to do. We used a jib and a projector that was displaying amazing art made for us. We had a lot to film during production, which lasted several days. Luckily, we managed to capture everything we needed just before the first national lockdown.

What was your favourite part of this project?

Just how many people came together to make a cool project purely because they love it! Another cool part was when one of my best mates from Secondary School allowed us to use her pet snakes for this film. It was pretty funny seeing students going about their day and seeing people in class with bags of snakes.

Production shot of Future Cop 2

What’s next for you in terms of filmmaking?

Creating more wacky content like Future Cop. There is another short film that is nearly complete in post production which is more of a Guy Ritchie-inspired crime drama.

What would your advice be to applicants considering Screen and Film School?

Be epic and make something you love.

Top tip for making your first film?

Be creative and just do it!


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