Diploma Graduate film shortlisted for multiple Film Festivals

13 August, 2021

Screen and Film School Brighton are incredibly proud to report that Filmmaking Diploma alumna Cassie Carey’s short film ‘My Life, My Voice’ had been selected for inclusion in not one but three independent short film festivals this year.

The film, which is a short documentary about two freelance actresses determined to make it in the fast-growing industry of online voice-overs, has been selected by Bolton International Film Festival, Brighton Rocks International Film Festival and Cinecity’s New Voices category.

We caught up with Cassie, the film’s creator, to hear what first attracted her to study at Screen and Film School Brighton and to discuss how it feels to receive recognition for the hard work which went into her film.

Hi Cassie! What made you decide to study the Filmmaking Diploma at Screen and Film School?

I was born and raised in America, but my dad is from England. I’ve always liked the idea of using my dual citizenship to study film and live abroad. In 2018, I decided to take that leap by signing up for Summer School at Screen and Film School – mainly because my dad’s side of the family resides in Brighton. Literally, as soon as I finished the course and arrived back home, I began the submission process for the Filmmaking Diploma.

What relevant filmmaking experience did you have before enrolling on the course?

Before flying halfway across the world, I spent a year studying film at a San Francisco university. The courses were far too expensive and “lecture-focused” for my liking. If I wanted to earn a certification or degree of some kind, then an alternative route was necessary. Screen and Film School had the best of both worlds. Everything was reasonably-priced and the learning was completely hands-on. All of the practical and creative information I picked up through Film Summer School and the Filmmaking Diploma proved to be invaluable to me as a filmmaker.

What were the most valuable things you took from the course?

Patience was a huge lesson. No matter how big or small your film may seem, you’re always going to hit frustrating roadblocks. I think the Filmmaking Diploma did an amazing job teaching us how to stay patient and persevere in order to see our works fully realised.

What do your recent film festival selections mean to you as a filmmaker and how does it feel to see your work gaining recognition?

It feels absolutely incredible! This short documentary took quite a few months to piece together (especially in regard to editing). So, it feels wonderful to finally see it come to life on both the big and small screen. Of course, I was very fortunate to work with such talented individuals.

What are your future plans as a filmmaker?

I’m currently working as a writer and director on a passion project called Star Crossed Arcade. Set in 1988, the short film explores the complexities of teenage romance and friendship against the backdrop of a dying arcade. We’re fully funded and have most of our cast and crew in place. In addition to that, I’ve started a small YouTube channel called Screen Detective. In it, I analyse various true crime films by mixing my film school knowledge with real cases. 

Learn more more about Cassie’s current film, My Life, My Voice, here.

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