At Screen and Film School we love hearing about our student and graduate’s projects in all areas of the TV and Film Industry.

This week we caught up with Filmmaking Diploma student, Cassie Carey, to discuss the making of her documentary, “My Life, My Voice” a short film based around two freelancers navigating the tough online world of voice over.


What was the inspiration behind the idea for your documentary?

Originally, the idea came from watching a fantastic documentary called I Know That Voice. However, they never seemed to interview any voice over artists that worked exclusively online. Which, to be honest, is the primary reason why the industry is bigger than it’s ever been before! Another reason why I chose this particular subject was because I was heavily involved in the online community for little over a year (less so now because of my filmmaking aspirations).


How did you approach the different stages of production?

Before pitching My Life, My Voice as my spring term project, I contacted Anna Chloe Moorey and Elsie Lovelock. Not only were they both incredibly talented, but I had small interactions with them via Facebook that demonstrated to me how sincere and outspoken they were. So, once Elsie and Anna were on board, I pitched the idea to my instructors and got picked! Immediately after, I began planning out shots, call sheets, and, most importantly, questions. It’s funny because me and my team’s (Dan Sandifer and Georgie Burdge) question list gradually became a sort of screenplay for our documentary. I was constantly adding and rewriting the list just so the interviews would flow a bit easier. Anna’s interview was a lot of trial and error, but it helped all of us figure out what worked and what didn’t. However, once we reached Elsie’s, it was a piece of cake! We knew exactly what to cover and how. Post-production was daunting, to say the least, with all the hours of footage we captured. Although, once I figured out how to organize everything (kudos to Trello) and incorporated the girly punk-rock vibe, it was unbelievably fun! I want to make people feel as though they are watching a Debbie Harry music video.

What did you enjoy most about the filmmaking process?

Editing, for sure! There is something truly gratifying about getting to put together all the planning, tireless efforts, and footage into one folder (or more) and then see it blossom right before your very eyes. In terms of the most challenging part, it was difficult to organise everything around Anna and Elsie’s schedules. Especially on a Friday around Valentine’s Day! It was a lot of travelling back and forth, but we eventually did it in the end.


What advice would you give applicants considering Screen and Film School?

Come prepared with passion projects you want to pursue. This might be your only chance to not worry so much about funding and actually just focus on the creative side of things. In addition, no ideas are bad ideas. You can always rework it. Don’t be afraid. Just create something!


What’s next for you in terms of filmmaking?

Right now, I’m focusing on finishing My Life, My Voice. So that I can start submitting it for film festivals in the U.K. I’m also in pre-production with two different projects at the moment, both of which I will be directing.



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We can’t wait to hear more about the release!