At Screen and Film School we love watching our students and graduates working on projects they’re passionate about.

This week we caught up with First Year BA Hons Film Production student Jack Kelsey about his first semester project. The film, Lepidoptera Petrol, is a poetic documentary about ‘butterflies’, the fluttery sensation that is felt inside the stomach.


Where did the idea for your documentary initially come from?

The inspiration came from brighton pier, whenever I look at rides it reminds me of how I would feel butterflies in my stomach whilst riding certain rides. This then made me start to think about other times I feel butterflies which then led me to want to make a film about it.


How did you approach the filmmaking process?

I approached the filmmaking process in a very relaxed manner, I decided to not have a shot list and instead I chose to just film whenever the time felt right. The writing process was my favourite part as instead of a traditional script, I chose to write a poem instead. Poetry has always interested me and this documentary finally gave me the opportunity to try making a poem myself. Although the writing process was my favourite part, it was also the most challenging. Having never written a poem before I didn’t really have a clue of what I was doing at first, this led me to doing constant re-writes, with the poem being completely different after each one.

What advice would you give to applicants considering Screen and Film School?

If you are considering screen and film school I would highly recommend applying, as the course is very enjoyable. You’re in a class filled with many like-minded individuals and are being taught by people who have had years of experience within the industry. Although it has only been one year, my knowledge with filmmaking has increased drastically, and this is down to with the amount of opportunities you are given at the school.


What’s next for you in terms of filmmaking?

Just before lockdown I was producing a music video and a short film, but unfortunately the virus has caused the films to be shelved. In the meantime I plan on making films at home until I am able to leave and make the films I want to make in the real world.



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