Screen and Film School graduates and a wide range of industry professionals came together to celebrate the new SFS alumni community promise, which is creating and supporting the next generation of filmmakers.

On Wednesday 6th November, Screen and Film School hosted a launch party to celebrate the film industry and alumni opportunities that SFS has to offer. Over 50 industry professionals were in attendance and graduates returned to their former educational provider to share their success stories in the industry and hear about SFS’s brand new ‘Alumni Community’.

Our alumni play an active part of film school, in supporting, engaging and recruiting from the next generation of filmmakers, membership of the alumni community brings with it opportunity, as well access to fellow graduate professionals and new emerging talent. A continuous cycle of industry professionals, communicating, collaborating and evolving. This was clearly shown at the launch event, which saw graduates also as industry professionals.

The event was hosted by Screen and Film School’s Industry Engagement Manager, Fiona Adams, who made the exciting announcement to the SFS graduates about the five year commitment we will have to all graduates.

The unique alumni programme will provide graduates with access to industry, opportunities to attend a wide range of events and forums and enjoy life long membership of our brand new Screen and Film School Alumni Community website. As well as career support, graduates will be able to benefit from discounts on SFS short professional courses, to ensure they remain up-to-date with the latest developments, or should they wish to expand their skill set.

Fiona said: “It was amazing having so many industry partners, alumni and students all in the same room networking – it is vital for SFS students to connect with each other and industry, creating future opportunities for themselves.”

Over ten graduates took to the stage and told attendees about their individual paths into the film and television industry:

Hugo Healy, 2018 graduate, has won a number of international photography competitions having his photos and story published in The Sun, The Daily Mail and The Argus – he won a large sum of money and was shipped off to America for an all-expense paid trip to take drone photos. Hugo is now doing running work and drone photography for a number of production companies including Screendog and Koska.

Chloe Kelly, 2019 graduate, has secured a permanent position with Be The Fox after starting an internship set up through SFS, the day after she graduated, she said: “It was so lovely seeing everyone – at film school we were always together and then after graduating we have gone our own ways, so it was great to catch up and talk about future work together.”

Nathan Still is an edit assistant at Virtual Post, Jay Shah is working in the screenwriting department for a London production company, Adam Tidd is editing and camera operating as a freelancer working on a lot of corporate and advertising shoots, Paola Dominique is a Production Secretary for HBO, Jamie Carriban is a Production Assistant for Back2Back and there were many other successful stories shared throughout the evening – sparking a hunger for the current Screen and Film School students.

Michele D’Acosta, documentary filmmaker, attended the event, she said: “Big congratulations on the fabulous launch party. You worked so hard to create such a memorable occasion. The announcement of the Alumni Community programme is hugely exciting. I am honoured and delighted to help in some small measure to pave the way for the future generation of filmmakers. Amazing times!”

Warner Brothers television production company, Richochet were also in attendance, having a number of SFS graduates already working there, they said: “Thank you for inviting us. It was great to meet some students – I’m hoping to arrange them coming in soon for a chat. Please do let us know when the alumni website is up and running and we can certainly show case this around the office to other productions.”


Find out more about our Alumni Community and the SFS commitment to graduates.